CHIRON represents the special combination of the highest dynamics and precision, for cutting-edge technology in vertical milling and milling-turning. The central factor for productive manufacturing from a batch size of one is large-scale production is flexibility, both in the design of your machine solution and in machining.

Mission statement: Productivity

More efficient, precise, dynamic: productivity is the defining factor of the CHIRON brand. Expect rapid response to your increasing new requirements the expansion of applications, and to provide the right machine for any industry and any workpiece dimension: This is the ambition that drives the developments. For example, for the new 25 and 28 Series for large, complex components.

Passion: Precision

Precision in the context of the brand means much more than maximum accuracy in high-speed manufacturing and machining. It also stands for closely examining your specifications and translating them into a perfectly tailored production process. It stands for the assembly of machining centers under the best conditions; for example, in the CHIRON Group Precision Factory in Germany and the Taicang Innovation Factory in China. Lastly, it represents the passion for precision that has continued for more than 100 years, and unites all of the brands today.

Product finder

Find what you need immediately rather than wasting time searching: the right machine for the task at hand. Brand, industry, technology, workpiece dimensions: With just a few details, the product finder will make the ideal selection for direct comparison and as a basis for a detailed consultation.