Every machining center of the CHIRON Group is an investment in sustainability. Preserving this value, extending the life cycle of your existing machine productively, with a tailored refurbishment solution, is the core specialty of the CMS brand, in the same way that refurbishing a used machine from stock machines enhances your production tasks.

Refurbishment with manufacturer expertise

High production rates, short processing times, consistently high quality: With a machine refurbishment carried out in just a few weeks, the specialists at CMS ensure that you will continue to see the core benefits of your machining center for years and that your machine will manage new tasks with ease. Do you want to expand your capacities quickly and enter the world of quality manufacturing at low cost? If so, then a used machine refurbished with manufacturer expertise, that is functionally tested, and is partially refurbished or fully refurbished, is an excellent choice.

A wealth of experience and future security

CMS has over 20 years of experience and has breathed new life into more than 1,000 systems, even integrating the latest components and control systems. The experts know each series thoroughly and have full access to the manufacturer expertise of CHIRON and STAMA, as well as the turnkey and automation specialties of the CHIRON Group.