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Welcome to EMO MILANO 2021!

Today for tomorrow: The CHIRON Group presents the right innovative solutions for your future-proof, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes at EMO MILANO 2021. Micromachining the smart way, maximum efficiency for the automotive and aerospace industries, highly autonomous six-sided complete machining, digital systems and services, refurbishment and modernization to breathe new life into your machine. And an exemplary repair process using conventional machining and 3D printing.

Experience all of the CHIRON Group's four strong brands – finally in person again!

We look forward to seeing you in Milan!

Premieres &

Premieres and highlights

  • FACTORY5 Micro5 - the revolution for micro machining
  • CHIRON DZ 25 P five axis live in action – For double-spindle machining of large components
  • CHIRON DZ 28 P five axis – Efficiency booster for large components
    Can be experienced digitally in the interactive showroom
  • CHIRON MT 715 – For highly autonomous multifunctional machining
    Can be experienced digitally in the interactive showroom
  • STAMA MT 733 one plus – Complete machining with the First Part = Good Part strategy
    Can be experienced digitally in the interactive showroom
  • SmartLine – Digital systems for the future of manufacturing
  • SmartServices – For increased efficiency, availability and productivity
  • Additive Manufacturing – Virtual repair process with the AM Cube 3D metal printer


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