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Successful market launch of the new series

Successful market launch at the AMB 2018: The FZ/DZ 16 impress with top levels of dynamics and rigidity and therefore guarantees high productivity.

At the AMB 2018, STAMA presented the MT 733, a new complete machining solution designed for complex components with comprehensive machining operations.

Following their world premieres at AMB 2018, the new machining centers developed by CHIRON and STAMA from the ground up have made a successful entry onto the market. Further variants will be introduced in 2019.

Individualization, digitalization and e-mobility present considerable challenges when it comes to machining – both in mass production in the automotive industry and in individual and small series production, for example in tool manufacturing. In response to present and future customer requirements, the CHIRON Group has introduced new machine series from CHIRON and STAMA for high-precision and dynamic CNC machining. "The FZ 16 S five axis and the DZ 16 W from CHIRON were designed to meet the increasingly stringent industry requirements and the increasing complexity of machined workpieces," explains Dr Claus Eppler, Head of Research and Development at CHIRON. "The STAMA MT 733 two is the complete machining solution for high-precision components in mixed milling and turning processes," adds Dr Guido Spachtholz, Managing Director of STAMA.

CHIRON FZ/DZ 16 – efficient production with maximum precision
The FZ/DZ 16 from CHIRON was developed with customer requirements in mind – particularly with regard to precision, dynamics and a high-quality surface finish. The gantry design is completely new for CHIRON. This increases rigidity, enabling greater levels of precision in machining. The modular concept enables the system to be configured exactly in line with specifications: With 5-axis swivel rotary table or workpiece changer, with one or two spindles, and with individual automation solutions. The standard equipment includes the new TouchLine operating system with 24" panel for monitoring the machine condition directly on the control panel. The new machines can also be equipped with the ConditionLine, DataLine and ProtectLine software modules (from fall 2019) from the SmartLine range – for even greater productivity.

The advantages of the FZ/DZ 16: Even with their compact design, they can accommodate up to 162 tools, resulting in maximum space productivity, flexibility and optimized setup times. The new additions from CHIRON can machine workpieces with a diameter of up to 700 millimeters and a maximum weight of 360 kilograms and, at the same time, produce complex geometries with up to five axes operating in parallel.

Customers with special precision-related requirements for five-axis machining will find in the FZ 16 S five axis a machine that impresses with top levels of dynamics and rigidity and therefore guarantees high productivity. If large quantities are involved, the DZ 16 W produces complex parts with a precision that has never been seen before. In 2019, CHIRON will be presenting further variants: An FZ 16 S five axis combined with pallet automation as well as the highly productive 5-axis double-spindle DZ 16 W five axis.

STAMA MT 733 – milling-turning centers for complete machining
Complex components with comprehensive machining operations require new solutions – this was the finding of an extensive trend and technology screening. Difficult-to-machine high-performance materials, greater power density and flexible-to-configure machines are further requirements. The integration of high-performance turning processes is currently a particular point of interest. The new MT 733 platform, which is available in four variants, is creating quite an impression in this market environment; the thermosymmetrical design of the polymer mineral cast base frame results in improved thermal, static and dynamic stability. The Galaxie® drive system from Wittenstein used in the 4th axis is characterized by zero play, optimum synchronism, a high overload capacity and extremely high repeat accuracy. It is ideally equipped for the reliable implementation of a first-part-good-part strategy, whereby the very first workpiece of each new series is always correctly dimensioned.

The MT 733 machines boast high dynamics right through to simultaneous 5-axis machining. With powerful turning and heavy-duty milling operations, all six sides of the workpiece are machined on just one machine in a single setup. All four types of the MT 733 are automated and provide the option of complete machining from the bar and/or from the chuck. With the DataLine and ConditionLine software modules from the SmartLine range, this makes the machines a versatile and flexible production solution, whether for a batch size of 1 or 1 million. This has been confirmed in practice; for nine months, an MT 733 two has been producing components for products from Wittenstein, a company nominated for the Deutscher Zukunftspreis 2018. Significant improvements have been made in terms of throughput time, setup and configuration, stock levels and process reliability. The workpieces are no longer the work of several machines, but are now produced on a single machine with high precision in 40% less time.

Variants MT 733 one (one working chamber with a milling and a turning spindle), MT 733 one plus (with additional counter spindle for six-sided machining) and MT 733 two plus (bar and chuck machining in two working chambers with a milling and a turning spindle) are currently under construction at STAMA. The entire range will be available by the end of 2019. 

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About the CHIRON Group

The CHIRON Group, headquartered in Tuttlingen, is a global company specializing in CNC vertical milling and mill-turn machining centers, as well as turnkey manufacturing solutions. The Group has a global presence, with production and development sites, sales and service subsidiaries, and sales agencies worldwide. With a workforce of 2100 employees, it generated €443 million in revenue in 2019. Around two thirds of machines and solutions that are sold are exported. Key customer sectors are the automotive, mechanical engineering, medicine and precision engineering, aerospace industries and tool production.

The CHIRON Group is proprietor of the brands CHIRON, STAMA and FACTORY5, associated with new machines, as well as the retrofit brand CMS. The key feature of all the brands is precise, productive and flexible machining. CHIRON has a reputation for optimum dynamics. STAMA focuses on stability and heavy machining. FACTORY5 machining centers are ideally suited for high-speed machining of microtechnical components. CMS provides completely overhauled machines from the Group, including related services. With products and solutions for additive manufacturing, the CHIRON Group supplements its core competencies.

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