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Mission Statement, Values and Leadership Principles

What do we stand for?

How do we want to be seen?

What is important for our future development?

Our mission statement answers these questions and gives us orientation. It reflects what we expect from ourselves as an organization as well as what we want to achieve for our customers, our suppliers and our environment.

This is how we want to be measured.

The CHIRON Group is one of the world‘s leading providers of machining centers and processing solutions.

Productivity & Quality

Due to their high availability, our machines and processing solutions provide our customers with the greatest possible productivity and value over the entire life cycle.

Efficiency & Precision

We offer our customers the unique combination of highest efficiency and absolute precision.


Based on our technological expertise, we develop innovative solutions for machine tool design, for production processes and also for our digital services.


With our presence in all relevant markets, we offer reliable support concerning sales, projects and customer service.


Trusting customer relationships and our loyal shareholders make it possible for us to achieve sustainable profitable growth.


We set ourselves ambitious goals and develop ourselves continuously. We rely on our committed and competent employees. Our open and dynamic corporate culture makes us an attractive employer.


Our machines and we ourselves protect resources and avoid waste.

Our Values

Our values guide our actions:

in the direction of
our customers,
our employees,
our colleagues,
our business partners and
our environment.


We create credibility through honest and reliable conduct. In our communication and actions, we are fair and respectful while showing trust in our dialog partners.

Openness & Respect

We openly state our beliefs and opinions while simultaneously respecting other views. Diversity and tolerance form our corporate culture.

Responsibility & Reliability

We work carefully and reliably, learn from mistakes and focus on the CHIRON Group as a whole. We see change as an opportunity.


We strive for outstanding achievements and are committed to reach our ambitious goals. We continuously improve our performance towards our customers.

Our Leadership Principles

Based on our values, we have defined seven leadership principles.

These provide all executives with a framework for action in their day-to-day work while simultaneously setting a binding yardstick for effective leadership in the CHIRON Group.

We provide guidance

We ensure that our employees understand our CHIRON Group strategy and the plan derived from it. This way, everybody can understand how their work contributes to the achievement of our overall objectives. Individual target agreements support this purpose. They provide orientation to permit responsible decisions and actions.

We take responsibility & ownership

All of us are accountable for our own actions and their consequences – within and outside the CHIRON Group. We are aware of our responsibility for our employees and environment.

We enable our employees to act with initiative

We ensure that each company employee recognizes and makes their personal contribution to our Group success. We create clarity concerning individual tasks, provide necessary resources and encourage employees to make their own decisions within their scope of action. In addition, we encourage our employees to contribute their own ideas and constructive solutions.

We require and reward performance

Our customers always compare us with best in industry. We will only keep our top position if everyone does their best continuously. Therefore, we clarify tasks, set challenging goals and give feedback. We systematically develop our top performers.

We give and actively request feedback

We ensure an open and trusting work atmosphere. Promptly and systematically, we give our employees feedback on their performance and qualifications. We also actively request feedback from our employees and colleagues on our leadership behavior. Such feedback enables us to learn from each other and to improve ourselves continuously.

We expand the potential of our employees

Our employees are the most important basis for a sustainable positive development. This is why we identify the special strengths of our employees and develop them specifically. We design individual career perspectives, agree on concrete development steps and implement focused training.

We create a positive climate for change

To maintain our top position, we adapt early to relevant trends and developments. We initiate and promote innovation and continuous improvement. This is how we develop future-oriented solutions and products for our customers.