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Digital systems for the future of manufacturing

More and more fields of industry are turning toward digitalization in their production methods. Not only do digital systems facilitate greater efficiency, they also increase availability and productivity. Whether you operate in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, aerospace, medical or precision engineering, SmartLine – a comprehensive portfolio of digital systems from the CHIRON Group – harnesses this potential and adds real, lasting value to your machining centers, in terms of both production and the wider business.

SmartLine is a modular software portfolio from a single provider – developed with the expertise of mechanical engineers, and designed to work perfectly with CHIRON and STAMA machining centers.

Modules for increased efficiency, availability and productivity:

  • ConditionLine: Automatic condition monitoring
  • DataLine: Integrated machine and process diagnostics
  • ProcessLine: Machining simulated and optimized in advance
  • ProtectLine: Preventive machine protection in every mode of operation
  • RemoteLine: Remote diagnostics and remote maintenance
  • TouchLine: Reliable and intuitive operation

All SmartLine modules can be integrated either as a standalone or in combination with others, with each digital system adding value to a specific area. Their individual functions and strengths combine to create an impressive package, providing extra efficiency, availability and productivity.

Whether monitoring your machinery, inspecting condition or preventing collisions, the interconnecting and scalable software modules complement the CHIRON Group product program and form the basis for SmartServices, the new, digital offering from CHIRON Group Service.

ConditionLine — Condition monitoring instead of gut feelings.

Tempura / istockphoto.com

A proactive maintenance strategy is key to ensuring maximum availability of machinery. ConditionLine constantly monitors and analyzes the condition of the machine and detects irregularities in operation at an early stage. The focal points of automatic condition monitoring are all components that affect precision or frequently cause stoppages. With ConditionLine, you can prevent and avoid time-consuming and costly downtime and production losses, and schedule maintenance and repair work in a way that suits you.

Data is recorded, aggregated and processed directly on the machine. Further to this, ConditionLine can also be expanded locally into the client's infrastructure or by means of data transfer via RemoteLine. This client-oriented architecture allows the system to be implemented universally. You determine the degree of networking and you always have complete control of your data.

  • Maximum output of high quality components
  • Early detection of non-typical operating behavior and wear
  • Targeted planning of maintenance and repairs
  • Degree of networking customized to client's needs
  • Can be expanded to ConditionServices for even more availability

DataLine — Knowing what's going on.

Morsa Images / istockphoto.com

Machine status, availabilities, number of completed workpieces: DataLine produces and analyzes machine and process data live. These integrated machine and process diagnostics build a strong foundation for the continuous optimization of your production processes.

  • Transparent overview of machine runtime and downtime
  • Immediate identification of causes or accumulation of faults
  • Automatic assessment of machine availabilities and output
  • Full functionality even offline

ProcessLine — Optimizing the future.

Gorodenkoff / stock.adobe.com

Thanks to ProcessLine, the entire machining process can be developed, simulated and optimized in advance. The machine itself is not blocked and can continue production. It also has the added benefit of significantly reducing the set-up time for the new process at the machining center. The simulation is conducted using a digital twin. The model reproduces the physical machine in its entirety, combining the geometry, kinematics and dynamics of the real machining center with full functionality.

  • First good part produced faster, safer and more efficiently
  • CHIRON Group post-processor included – perfectly tailored to the machining center
  • Enhanced process reliability thanks to the simulation detecting potential collisions
  • Seamless integration of existing CAD models

ProcessLine combines with ProtectLine to form an integrated, digital process chain. ProcessLine simulates the real NC program in a preparatory stage, ProtectLine provides reliable protection against the consequences of operating errors in ongoing operation. 

ProtectLine — One step ahead.

Addictive_Stock / photocase.com

ProtectLine gives your machining center reliable protection in every mode of operation, preventing collisions that could arise from operating errors or faulty NC programming, for instance. Central to the system is a digital twin, which runs ahead of the real machine. In the event of a machine crash, the digital twin will be the first to collide, meaning the machining center can be safely shut down in good time. This means potentially major damage and production downtime can be reliably avoided, which in turn increases availability and productivity.

ProtectLine creates a fully detailed model of the physical machine: As well as the machining center, all machining tools with tool holders and the workpiece with mechanism are incorporated in the model. A virtual machining process runs parallel to the real thing. This automatic cutting simulation ensures the geometry of the virtual workpiece always corresponds to that of the real workpiece – a model quality that is unique on the market.

  • Preventive machine protection in every mode of operation to avoid collisions
  • Higher availability and productivity
  • Easy handling and full compatibility with conventional CAD file formats
  • Integrated in the TouchLine operating system

ProtectLine combines with ProcessLine to form an integrated, digital process chain. ProcessLine simulates the real NC program in a preparatory stage, ProtectLine provides reliable protection against production downtime during operation. 

RemoteLine — Support, always and everywhere.

helivideo / stock.adobe.com (Drohne), RuslanDashinsky / istockphoto.com

Remote diagnostics and remote maintenance from RemoteLine enable you to increase the availability of your machining centers. This is because in many cases, there is no need to deploy an engineer on site. Instead, online support can prevent long periods of downtime.

With your permission, one of our experts from CHIRON Group Service accesses your machining center, runs a fault diagnoses and remedies the fault. Alternatively, they can provide direct support by asking questions about operation, for instance. If a service visit is deemed necessary, this will be scheduled, prepared and delivered with great consideration to your operations. RemoteLine and the findings it provides underpin the EfficiencyServices, tailored support for improved, responsive servicing and shorter stoppage times.

  • Increases availability and minimizes downtime
  • Fast analysis and repair of faults by specialists
  • Cost-effective troubleshooting or support via remote maintenance
  • Diagnostic options tailored to individual requirements

TouchLine — Complex things easy.

vegefox.com / stock.adobe.com

TouchLine makes child's play of operating your machining center. The module counters the increasingly complex technology and the resultant potential for operating errors by preparing context-sensitive information and reliable user guidance. It is intuitive to operate, using movements familiar from mobile devices. The user receives further support in the form of condition messages, which display critical parameters, detect causes and suggest corrective measures. If required, the full machine documentation can also be called up on the operating system's 24" panel.

  • Intuitive, simple and user-led operation
  • Preparation of context-sensitive information
  • Machine-specific support with integrated documentation

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