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Additive Manufacturing

Welcome to metal 3D printing

The CHIRON Group has expanded its core competencies - metalworking and automation – to include additive manufacturing. As a result, we are now a single-source provider of complete solutions for all components that cannot be produced using conventional manufacturing methods alone. Laser metal deposition, conventional or high-speed, is the company's technology of choice for additive manufacturing.

Coating Repair 3D printing

Laser metal deposition

With laser metal deposition, a feedstock material (Fe/Ni/Co-based) is melted using a laser beam and fused to the substrate (steel or nickel-based alloys) by metallurgical bonding. One of the benefits of this process is that it results in lower thermal loading – it is also excellent for repairing damage, reinforcing components at selected points and restoring the original geometry of components by means of material deposition.

Wire-based laser metal deposition (LMD-W)


With this technology, the laser beam melts the base material – in this case wire – and the melt fuses together and solidifies. This enables complex geometries to be created, as the workpiece is built up layer by layer. One significant advantage of wire is its high deposition rates. The laser is flexible and suitable both for fine surfaces and large build-up rates. The material feed in the AM Cube is in the form of a coaxial wire feed that works in all welding directions. The material is fed in clean and 100 percent of it is utilized. To prevent oxidation, the deposition process is performed with shielding gas in a sealed system.

Laser Metal Deposition - Wire

  • 13-beam laser
  • 2Shieldgas nozzle
  • 3Wire nozzle
  • 4Shieldgas area
  • 5Weld pool
  • 6Weld bead
  • 7Bond zone
  • 8Substrate
  • 9Wire

Powder-based laser metal deposition (LMD-P)


This process is also used on the AM Cube. In this case, the feedstock material that is fed to the weld pool (otherwise known as "melt pool") is in powder form – ideal for thin coatings. The coaxial nozzle means that this process works in any welding direction.

Laser Metal Deposition - Powder

  • 1Laser beam
  • 2Powder nozzle
  • 3Powder
  • 4Shieldgas area
  • 5Weld pool
  • 6Weld bead
  • 7Bond zone
  • 8Substrate

High-speed laser metal deposition

To ensure resistance to wear and corrosion and at the same time speed up the process of applying the protective layer, the AM Coating uses high-speed laser metal deposition. This process evolved from the standard laser metal deposition process and is ideally suited to the coating of brake disks. One thing that sets high-speed laser metal deposition apart is an innovative change to the procedure: The metal powder particles are blown into the laser beam and melt there rather than in the weld pool. As a result, much greater coating speeds are achieved with this method than with standard laser metal deposition.

Process management compared

On the left in the picture you can see conventional laser deposition welding (LMD or laser metal deposition), and on the right high-speed laser metal deposition

The process used on the AM Coating also boasts a number of advantages over thermal coating by means of high-velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) spraying: Mechanical or thermal pretreatment of the brake disks is dispensed with and the process chain is reduced significantly.

In addition to high speed, the process also offers other advantages over oxygen fuel spraying:

  • Improved adhesion through molecular bonding
  • High utilization of the powder
  • Thinner layers in the tenths of a millimeter range
  • Layers with different properties and thicknesses
  • Lower heat input and smaller heat-affected zone in the brake disk



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