Group Executive Committee

巨浪集团的管理团队目前由四个人组成。CEO Carsten Liske、CSO Bernd Hilgarth、CTO Claus Epper博士和董事会主席兼临时CFO Armin Schmiedeberg博士。在此了解更多关于执行委员会成员的信息。

Carsten Liske

Chief Executive Officer

Resorts: Production, Customer Service, Supply Chain Management and Quality

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Dr. Armin Schmiedeberg

Chief Financial Officer

ad interim (seconded from the Board of Directors)

Resorts: Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology and Controlling

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Bernd Hilgarth

Chief Sales Officer

Resorts: Sales, Marketing and Application

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Dr. Claus Eppler

Chief Technology Officer

Resorts: Research & Development and Additive Manufacturing

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