A machining center from the CHIRON Group is designed for a long, productive machine life; it is an investment in sustainability. A customized refurbishment solution with the expertise from more than 1,000 machine overhauls prepares your machining center for a second machine life. Not only is a refurbishment a financial advantage to purchasing new, but it also conserves resources, increases productivity, and is more quickly available.

The same reasons also apply to a machining center from the CHIRON Group, refurbished with manufacturer knowledge, from the continually updated stock machines. Here, too, with state-of-the-art technology, you can quickly tackle new machining tasks, expand your capacities, and ensure the required quality, productivity and precision. And, of course, a stock machine can also be adapted to your individual requirements.

Option one: Customized refurbishment of your machine

When refurbishing or modernizing your existing machine - on request as a turnkey project, e.g. for new production tasks - all components and parts defined in advance in consultation with you will be reconditioned. Your refurbished machining center will produce even more intelligent and autonomous, with a current-generation control system and customized automation. In addition, production will be faster on the same area.

Option two: a modernized refurbished machine

The CHIRON Group offers a comprehensive range of refurbished machines in three refurbishment categories: performance tested, partially refurbished, or completely refurbished. If required, the experts will supplement your refurbished machine with the options to create your ideal machining solution.

Professionally refurbished in three categories

Performance-tested machine


  • Replacing all faulty parts necessary for machine operation

  • Quality testing: Eight hours' continuous operation, part acceptance, geometry protocol


Full functionality

Partially refurbished machine


  • Replacing all parts necessary for full functionality and reliability

  • Quality testing: 50 hours' continuous operation, Quick-Check, part acceptance, geometry protocol

  • Guarantee: three months of performance


Meets the high-quality criteria of the CHIRON Group

Completely refurbished machine


  • Replacing all important components necessary for full functionality and high precision

  • Quality testing: 100 hours' continuous operation, Quick-Check, part acceptance, geometry protocol

  • Tolerances in new machines

  • Guarantee: Six months of performance



Conserve resources, save energy

The greatest potential for savings from a customized Refurbishment or reconditioned machining center from the stock machines, compared to a new purchase, is in the raw materials. In addition, your »new« machine uses significantly less energy: Thermal energy from the cooling circuits can be fed into the customer's central water circuit; special drive motors feed any energy generated but not required back into the main supply.

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