Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is one of the most comprehensive technical disciplines and is continuing to develop rapidly. It is, therefore, even more important for you to have a partner that evolves and develops just as quickly, and in the CHIRON Group, you have just that. Your partner will mirror your innovative spirit and expertise and provide you with fitting, future-proof machining technology.

Productive and reliable

Construction and agriculture, hydraulics and pneumatics, locking systems, founding, foodstuffs, packaging technology, fixture and mold construction, mountings: These are just some of the industries where a vertical milling or mill-turn center from CHIRON and STAMA puts you in a good position in terms of productivity and process reliability. And it’s even better if you have a fully-automated complete solution.

A new way

Are you looking for an alternative to components with high material costs or long procurement times? Are you looking to apply resistant coatings or have parts repaired in-house? The AM Cube is your innovative combined solution for laser metal deposition with wire and powder; developed with the comprehensive expert knowledge of the CHIRON Group in metalworking, and just as easy to use as a machining center.

Example applications

Product finder

Find what you need immediately rather than wasting time searching: the right machine for the task at hand. Brand, industry, technology, workpiece dimensions: With just a few details, the product finder will make the ideal selection for direct comparison and as a basis for a detailed consultation.