715 Series

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5-axis complete machining, milling-turning operations in any sequence on six sides, workpiece dimensions up to a diameter of 300 mm and a length of 1,000 mm: The 715 Series brings together all of these options into one machine platform. Clear advantages over production spread across several machines: Higher precision, shorter throughput times, more flexibility, minimized set-up times for small batch sizes, and reduced logistics costs.

The Series is available in two versions with different expansion levels: MT for Mill Turn, MP for Multi Profile. The optional second machining unit can be used for guide bushes, steady rests, rotating centers, vices, or other turning tools. Integrated workpiece handling provides significantly increased productivity and reduced costs in each machine, with additional unmanned shifts.

Machine variants


  • Unit comprising base machine and workpiece automation

  • Large working area for workpieces up to dia. 300 mm x 1,000 mm

  • Short throughput times through six-sided complete machining

  • Full turning function thanks to rotary spindles and clampable milling spindle with 20,000 rpm

  • Direct drive torque swivel head, optimized for 5-axis simultaneous machining

  • Main spindle and counter spindle with identical, powerful performances

  • Automation with bar stock up to dia. 65 mm or chuck parts up to dia. 200 mm

  • Easy set-up of lower machining unit, also for mapping out other clamping positions

  • Integrated tool store for up to 128 tools

  • Loading and unloading during machine operation

»Multi-functional machining with high degree of autonomy. In a complete end-to-end manufacturing process.«

Example applications


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