Precision Technology

Creative pieces of jewelry with intricate details, watch plates with minimum tolerances for fits and geometries, components for high-precision scales or parts for precision mechanics: Your idea deserves to be brought to life with expertise. That is achieved using a machining center or mill-turn center from the CHIRON Group. For micrometer-precise long-term precision and perfect surfaces.

A particular appreciation for precision

To turn your ideas into reality exactly as you imagine them, all you need is: the right partner. The experts in the Medical & Precision Technology Center know the specific and extraordinary requirements of precision technology. You can rely on their in-depth expertise to implement your requirements in a productive, stable manufacturing process.

The big picture and the details

Like the elements of a precision watch, experts at the CHIRON Group bring together the machining center, tools, clamping devices, automation, the CAM system, and many other elements to form a production-ready » package«. A machining solution with a perfect combination of technology components, will exceed your expectations, down to the finest detail.

Example applications

Product finder

Find what you need immediately rather than wasting time searching: the right machine for the task at hand. Brand, industry, technology, workpiece dimensions: With just a few details, the product finder will make the ideal selection for direct comparison and as a basis for a detailed consultation.