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12 Series

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So you want quality and precision quickly, at low cost per unit? These standards are combined in the machining centers of the 12 Series, which are ranked among the best in their class in terms of speed, compact design, and versatility. All models can be perfectly tailored to your requirements with high-tech modules: spindles and spindle systems, tool changers, table variants, and additional automation.

Using the proven traveling column design of the FZ 12 S five axis, you can manufacture workpieces with high surface quality in one clamping position. Both the single spindle variant and the DZ 12 S five axis carry out 5-axis simultaneous operations; the double spindle variant allows a high output at optimum unit costs. FZ/DZ 12 W are equipped with a workpiece changer for convenient loading and unloading during machine operation.

Machine variants


  • Reliably strong performance

  • Compact machine layout

  • Vertical traveling column

  • Mineral-cast machine bed

  • High rigidity and thermal stability

  • Motor spindles with water cooling

  • Robust rotary axes

  • Fully enclosed working area, stainless steel covers

  • Ideal chip flow

  • Ergonomic operating and loading concept

  • Easy access to all units

  • Easily expandable with tailor-made automation

»Highly productive, compact and multi-functional. For cost effective manufacturing.«

Example applications


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