Stock Machines: State-of-the-art technology. Available at short notice.

Whether being used in the Automotive, Medical Technology, Aerospace, Precision Technology, Tool Manufacturing or Mechanical Engineering industries: Refurbished used machines and new stock machines from the CHIRON Group allow a swift capacity expansion and cost-effective entry into the world of high-quality manufacturing.

For state-of-the-art technology available at short notice, the CHIRON Group stock machines has two options. The first is refurbished machines in three refurbishment categories: performance-tested, partially refurbished, or completely refurbished. The second is new demonstration machines. Also, pre-configured machining centers from the baseline Series are available for Jobshop and contract manufacturing, for example.

Customized Refurbishment of your machine

The alternative to investing in a machining center from the CHIRON Group stock machines is the refurbishment and modernization of your machine, according to your specific requirements. Manufacturer knowledge gives your machine a sustainably productive, resource-friendly second life.

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Repurchasing your machine

Do you want to sell your machining center? The experts at the CHIRON Group will review your request and make you an offer for the repurchase.

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