Automation with system expertise

Automation improves efficiency and achieves a higher output with lower costs. The second advantage is simplification – with system competence from the CHIRON Group. Together, the machining center and automation solution becomes a highly productive complete system, a perfect match for your fleet of machines and your manufacturing environment.

This system expertise plus the experience gained from many challenging projects, makes the difference: It simplifies the whole process at the machine and in the surrounding environment, reduces demands on personnel, decreases working time, and enables largely autonomous manufacturing – unmanned, into a third shift and on weekends.

»We know our machining solution interfaces better than anyone and can utilitize the most out of our systems with customized automation for our customers.«

Process and system integration with GREIDENWEIS

A core expertise of GREIDENWEIS is end-to-end automation solutions for highly efficient machining, assembly, and production processes. An example of this special expertise in the automotive industry is the fully automatic assembly of components for vehicle interiors across several machining stations.

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Intelligent automation is displayed in the integrated VariocellUno unit in compact format, the individually configurable VariocellSystem automation solutions, and the VariocellPallet for autonomous machining of small lot sizes and complex workpieces. The Feed5 handling system excels at automated loading and unloading of the Micro5.