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Designed for series production, the compact unit, comprising a workpiece store and changing mechanism, enables the manufacture of a large number of workpieces in very short cycle times and with a high degree of autonomy – unmanned, able to continue into a third shift and at weekends. Especially on machines with a workpiece changer, the unit offers significant added value with respect to the productive process of loading and unloading blanks and finished parts during machine operation.

With additional equipment, the VariocellUno is the ideal solution for your production scenario. It is ideal for use with multiple grippers, stations for turning, cleaning, brushing, press-fitting, measuring, cleaning, labeling and other components for flexible tasks right through to six-sided machining. Additionally, the asymmetrical design enables optimum access to both the working area and the loading and unloading area of the machine.


  • For 08, 12, 15, 16, 533 Series and retrofittable to existing machines

  • Compact unit with a small footprint

  • High degree of utilization for increased profitability

  • Replacement of blanks and finished-parts during machine operation

  • Robot can be used for additional tasks

  • Large storage capacity, storage medium according to requirements

  • Integrated measuring part discharge of, for example, SPC parts

  • Simple set-up and commissioning

  • Easy to operate and program

  • Best access to the working area for cleaning and maintenance tasks

  • Machining center and automation from a single source

»Integrated automation unit in compact format«

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