Medical Technology

Increasingly sophisticated workpieces, increasing quantities, higher risk categories, and more stringent traceability requirements: There is no other industry with such high and complex demands. It is, therefore, all the more important to have a partner that makes every effort to take your requirements and turn them into a reliable solution: high-precision machining centers, turnkey expertise and experience from numerous projects.

Only the best

Using machining centers from the CHIRON Group, you will produce part after part with micrometer precision and excellent surface quality. Additionally, all machines reduce machining times, compress your manufacturing process into the smallest of spaces, conserve resources, and manufacture at low cost per unit. The modular design allows individual configuration of the machining centers, and an automation solution ensures further reduced cycle times.

For your products and processes

The Medical & Precision Technology Center in Tuttlingen, Germany, is your center for precision. Receive precise analysis of your requirements, for an exact procedure, step-by-step, with every benefit: test machining operations, clamping equipment and tool tests, and material behavior tests. The result: your ideal machining solution, perfect to the last detail, that you can now start production quickly and safely.

Example applications

Product finder

Find what you need immediately rather than wasting time searching: the right machine for the task at hand. Brand, industry, technology, workpiece dimensions: With just a few details, the product finder will make the ideal selection for direct comparison and as a basis for a detailed consultation.