16 Series

Medical Technology
Tool Manufacturing
Mechanical Engineering

Challenging materials, closer tolerances, and specifications for process reliability: The 16 Series has a machine platform with a mobile gantry design that is specifically tailored to your present and future requirements. Single and double spindles effectively combine dynamics, precision, and excellent surface quality when machining complex workpieces. Plus, the modular concept allows individual configuration to suit your needs.

The FZ 16 S five axis is designed to meet particular requirements for accuracy in 5-axis machining and for demanding machining applications, e.g. in aerospace for machining components from a solid block, and also available with the HSK-A100 interface. The DZ 16 W with workpiece changer is the first choice for machining a large number of workpieces in very short cycle times; they are even more productive and more autonomous with the Variocell UNO automation unit.

Machine variants


  • Outstanding machining quality and precision

  • For larger workpieces up to 700 mm and 360 kg

  • Machine platform with a mobile gantry design

  • High rigidity - static and dynamic

  • Excellent thermal stability

  • Actively cooled drive components

  • Highly productive motor spindles

  • Round axes with direct torque drive

  • Ideal chip flow

  • Up to 162 tools

  • Loading and unloading during machine operation

  • Intuitive TouchLine operating system

  • Easy access to all units

»Dynamics, precision, productivity. In perfect combination.«

Example applications


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