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Medical technology, watch housing and plates, watch movements, jewelry and components for precision mechanics and micro-mechanics: For any situation in which small, high-value parts require dynamic and high-precision machining, the Micro5 is leading a small revolution. The machining center with five axes is extremely compact and can be set up very quickly almost anywhere: in the production hall or right at the workstation.

The »5« in the name Micro5 stands for the ideal 5:1 ratio of machine size to workpiece and for maximum efficiency: Energy consumption is 50 times lower compared to conventional systems, and a high-performance spindle enables very short machining times. Combined with the Feed5 handling system for automated loading and unloading, the result is a practical and environmentally friendly complete solution for processing delicate workpieces at high speed.


  • High-precision 5-axis machining

  • Ultra-compact machine

  • Machining cube max. side length 50 mm

  • High-static rigidity and repeat accuracy

  • Outstanding thermal stability

  • High-speed cutting

  • Low energy consumption < 500 W

  • Precious metal recovery

  • Magazine with 60 tools in the working area

  • Palletizing with up to 6 pallets in the working area

  • Easy access for service and maintenance

  • Excellent view of the production process

  • Easily automated with Feed5

»Micro-machining the smart way.«

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