28 Series


Complex hybrid drives, lightweight constructions for chassis and structural components, battery trays, more efficient internal combustion engines: The 28 Series is the convincing response to the changes in the manufacturing processes and your more stringent requirements for machining technology. With a spindle distance of 1,200 mm, the double spindles are ideal for 5-axis machining of challenging, large-scale workpieces: productive, dynamic, and precise.

The compact, flexible machine layout, spindles that can be moved independently on the X and Y axes, simple automation, optimum access to the working area, and operation and loading on separate sides are all further benefits for your day-to-day production process. There's also the layout of the machining center such as the DZ 28 S five axis for direct loading or the DZ 28 P five axis with pallet changer for high quantities and short cycle times.

Machine variants


  • Double spindle, productive machining of large components

  • Outstanding precision due to rigid machine bed with a gantry construction

  • High dynamics through rapid acceleration and fast rapid traverse speeds

  • Spindles can be moved independently on the X and Z axes

  • Process is easily visible thanks to the separation of operating and loading sides

  • Many tools for versatile machining

  • Tool change during machine operation

  • Independent tool change for each spindle for short chip-to-chip times

  • Compact, flexible machine layout

  • Loading and unloading during machine operation with pallet changer (DZ 28 P)

  • Intuitive operation via TouchLine

  • Easy automation via robots or gantry

»Shorter cycle times, optimum part quality. With the booster for greater efficiency.«

Example applications


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