Environment and Quality

A long-term and sustainable outlook with a view to the future is a requirement and obligation for everyone in the CHIRON Group. As a company, we are aware of our responsibility and are facing global challenges like climate change, efficient use of resources, and reducing CO2 emissions.

Environmental protection, quality, energy consumption, occupational health and safety play a fundamental role in the practices of the CHIRON Group and its employees. Principles and binding specifications define the standards we have set for ourselves here.

Sustainability Report: Sustainability by Performance and Precision

Sustainable behavior is part of the CHIRON Group's DNA and is of huge importance, not only when it comes to maintaining a strong economic performance. We develop solutions for our customers that both conserve resources and increase productivity. With the »Sustainability@CHIRON Group« program, we have laid the foundation for making sustainability a strategic factor in our business model, for us and our customers.

Our GRI-compliant sustainability report, »Sustainability by Performance and Precision«, will describe this strategy, provide information about our activities in all relevant fields, deliver data on successes to date, and look toward future focal issues.

Vision 2045

Our quality standards – The principles of our Integrated Management System (IMS)

  • Quality, environmental protection, energy, occupational health, and safety are an obligatory commitment for every employee.

  • We are committed to ensuring compliance with applicable legal obligations and requirements through systematic inspections and appropriate measures.

  • The health of our employees is a valuable asset and our highest priority.

  • We empower our employees by providing appropriate information, training courses and instruction in quality-conscious, environmental awareness, as well as safety and energy-conscious work and behavior.

  • We work together in every area, regardless of our hierarchical position, to prevent faults and to analyze and eliminate any detected errors. We trust in our competent and dedicated employees.

  • We establish trust among the public, our customers, and suppliers, by providing factual information to enable sustainable, profitable growth.

  • We prevent environmental damage and, as far as economically feasible, make use of the latest and best technology. We ourselves, and our machines, conserve resources and avoid waste.

  • We take the necessary precautions to avoid any emergencies and are committed to the responsibility of providing information on the impact of our activities.

  • We use energy selectively and are continually increasing our energy efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint.

  • By taking the appropriate technical and organizational measures, we minimize the production of waste, environmentally harmful emissions, and waste water.

  • We work in a process-oriented manner and have defined process owners for each area of our process map in order to systematically improve our processes, identify and minimize potential process risks, and thereby increase customer satisfaction.

CHIRON Group meets all relevant standards

Pioneering environmental balance of the machining centers

The CHIRON Group will also maintain its pioneering role in environmental and quality management. Our machining centers and the machining processes they enable are highly efficient and extremely environmentally friendly in design. The environmental balance of the machining centers not only leads the way in terms of energy requirements, but also in terms of the use of resources such as production time, space requirements, investment, and personnel.

The Blue Competence Initiative

We are partners of the Blue Competence sustainability initiative. This initiative of the VDMA aims to promote sustainability in mechanical and plant engineering and publicize sustainable solutions in the industry. As part of our partnership, we strive to fulfill the twelve sustainability guidelines of the mechanical engineering industry.