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AM Cube

Mechanical Engineering

The AM Cube is a compact, user-friendly 3D metal printer for manufacturing large and complex components. It is suitable for coating and repairing components, as well as near net shape manufacturing of semi-finished products. It is possible to machine components with a diameter of up to 1,000 mm.

An innovative highlight of the AM Cube is the ability to change the deposition head while the process is running in order to fulfill various requirements. For example, high surface quality and high deposition rate or internal and external coating, combined into one workpiece, or the application of wire and powder in different stages of production.


  • Flexible use for coating, repair or 3D printing

  • Automatic changeover of the deposition heads (up to three) while the process is running

  • Wire or powder feedstock material

  • Modular design: 3-axis, 4-axis or 5-axis

  • Innovative user interface with TouchLine

  • »Easy to use«, thanks to well-known control system components from Siemens

  • Programming in DIN ISO or CAM in a Cartesian coordinate system

  • Comprehensive process monitoring with DataLine AM and VisioLine AM

»Innovation from the CHIRON Group: Changing the deposition head while the process is running«

Example applications


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